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Viñas 3

Deep opulent flavors of red cherries combined with lightly toasted French oak, this Pinot holds its own with any food pairing. “This is about the Pinot Noir grape itself.”

pH: 3.6
TA: 0.60
Sweetness: Dry

Russian River

Cherry, oak and spice with smoky hints of bacon. “This eloquent Pinot Noir takes on the character of the best Russian River producers.”

pH: 3.5
TA: 0.65
Alc.: 14.7

Santa Maria

With earth, oak and ripe cherry flavors, every sip of this dark, medium-bodied wine is silky smooth. “Now, the specific soils of spicy Santa Maria appear.”

pH: 3.6
TA: 0.56
Alc.: 14.3
PNG Brix at harvest: 25

The Riddler

The Riddler has all the varieties you would expect in a Napa Red. Our riddle for you is, what are they?Tasting notes: Hints of bright wild raspberries mix with fresh plums and violets. Red fruit flavors linger endlessly on your palette.

pH: 3.6
TA: 0.58
Alc.: 14.9

Recommendation from our server after I was about to buy another “wine by the glass”. Great value at $36 in a high end steak house.

Steve Carroll


"Amazing value, amazing taste. I keep coming back to these wines wherever they are served"

Alycia Laks

Wine Enthusiast

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